Thursday, July 31, 2008

SMS Jokes

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Titanic was sinking.

Santa: How much the earth is far from here?

Banta: 1 kilo meter.

Santa jumped into the sea and asked again: "...In which direction?"

Banta: Downwards !!

Santa: Why do you take your wife to night clubs only?

Laloo: By the time she gets ready no other place is open.

* * *

Laloo: Petrol price increase hone ka hum ko koi farak nahi padta. Pehle bhi hum 100 rupye ka bharvata tha, ab bhi 100 ka hi bharvata hoon.

Laloo: I am so miser (kanjoos) that I went alone for my honeymoon and saved half the money.

Bania: That is nothing, I saved full money. I sent my wife for honeymoon with a friend.

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