Monday, August 13, 2012

Some Facts about Ranjnikanth :-)

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- Rajnikant's next film's heroine is . . . . born.. Thanks to Aishwariya.

- Thank God, Why This Kolaveri Di song was sung by Dhanush. If it was sung by his father-in-law Rajnikanth, it could have been our national anthem now!.

- Rajnikanth at his very best: He knows those two persons... . . . . Who shake hands in Nokia cell phones..!!

- What publicity Shahrukh managed to get for Ra-One in 3 months, Kolaveri got it in just 5 Days! After all...who is DHANUSH?

- The Secret behind Sachin's Success has finally been Revealed: The Name of Sachin's Mom is RAJNI Tendulkar ... Do i need 2 say anything else.

- In 1975, Superman, Batman & Spiderman were flying via India & they died... . .. Why??? .. . . Abe Rajnikanth nai, hawa me chalayi gabbar ki 3 goliyo ko yaad kar.

- DHOOM 3- John, Hrithk and Aamir on BIKE with speed of 200 km/hr . . . & . . .. Rajnikant overtakes them with Bicycle and says "Beta Save Fuel...Use cycle":

- Once a beggar was singing on a road. Rajnikant got impressed and give him his Gold ornaments. Today that beggar is known as.. . . "Bappi Lehri...":

- Rajnikanth bought a new road roller, Do you know why..? . .. . .. To iron his clothes...

- Rajnikant power!!! The box office collection of the movie TEES MAAR KHAN, ... was less then.... ... ... ... ... parking collection of ROBOT..!!!

- Galileo used moon light to study, Einstein used candle to study, Newton used lamp to study but the GREAT RAJNI used only AGARBATTI to study.

- Micheal Jordan to Rajni: I can spin a ball on my finger for over two hours. Can you? Rajni: Rascala; how do you think the earth spins!?

 - Mind blasting Rajnikanth fact.. ... Rajnikanth was born on 30 February. since then February decided not to give this date to anybody else.

- Ek baar Rajnikanth khana banane jwalamukhi par gaya, ... & he got shocked.. ... ... ... Becoz main waha already papad sek raha tha. - Saala ab to had ho gayi? ... kaun saala ye likh ke bhej raha hai... ... ... ... Ki... RAJNIKANT ne apne maa baap ko paida kiya..

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